DR. XINYU W. ADDAE-LEE is a Medical Doctor who went on to qualify as an Attorney-at- Law and she is passionate about melting these two areas together to provide a unique service. 

Her Consulting services include helping doctors make their practices more medicolegally sound, making workplaces more health aware and equipped for medical emergencies, ensuring that your legal framework is appropriate for your business, and other areas. 

She is also passionate about building families through Adoption. As a devote Christian she believes that she herself was adopted into the family of Christ through accepting the gift of His death and resurrection. In Jamaica, the laws are restrictive and have created barriers in some circumstance to the ability to adopt, so she wishes to advocate for these laws to allow for private adoption and to facilitate the loving creation of families through this medium. 

The general practice of law quickly became a joyful experience as she was able to explore many areas over the past year. She continues to practice generally and to serve her clients with a servant’s heart. 

Personal Injury

Where a person suffers an injury due to the action or omission of another person that person can file a Personal Injury lawsuit to hold the perpetrator responsible and to get compensation for the injury. This includes:

Dog bite         Motor vehicle Accidents       Occupational Injuries          Medical Malpractice           Slip and fall incidents

Birth injuries

During the birthing process there are several injuries which can be caused, however these should be avoided when cared for by a well trained and knowledgeable physician. Where you or your child suffer an injury during this process it may be due to the negligence of the physician and you may be entitled to compensation.

Medical Malpractice

Where a Hospital, Doctor or other healthcare professional causes an injury to a patient through some negligent act or omission, such as errors in diagnosis, intervention and management they may be sued for Medical Malpractice. 

Other areas

Buying  or Selling property? Making a Will? Planning your Estate? Need to administer the Estate of a loved one?                        Starting a new business? Need a contract drafted?

We are here for you. 

Contingency arrangements

NO UPFRONT FEES! Some cases especially those pertaining to Personal Injury matters can be accepted by the Attorney on a contingency basis. That means you have no upfront fees and the Attorney is only paid if you win the case. This is usually taken as a percentage of the awarded sum. 

Adoption is Dr. Addae-Lee’s area of special interest. She aims to provide much needed guidance and support for persons considering adoption, those going through adoption and those who have already adopted. She has provided valuable information on this topic and advocates for the privatization of adoption. 


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