Do you accept Health Insurance? Yes we do! We accept all Major Health insurance for Optical, Medical and Surgical Services. However we do not accept Guardian Health Insurance for Optical services.

Will I see the same doctor each time I visit? Yes, we do not rotate our doctor and so you will be followed up by the same doctor each time you visit, except for occasions when the doctor is on leave. In that case a substitute doctor will fill in for that period. You will be informed of this and may indicate whether you prefer to wait to see your regular doctor.

What is a full Eye-Examination?  This will include testing for glasses as well as screening for common eye disorders such as Glaucoma and Cataracts. If you are found to have an abnormal eye examination you will likely be referred to an Ophthalmologist for further evaluation and management.

Do you take walk-ins?

Walk-ins (persons without appointments) may be accommodated based on the availability of time between scheduled appointments. You may have increased waiting times and therefore we suggest that you schedule an appointment to ensure that you will get through with minimal delays. 

How do I make an appointment? 

Appointments may be scheduled online. You may also schedule an appointment by calling our office at 876-967-2823 and 876-948-4607. Finally, you may come into the office and schedule your appointment with our nurse.

What should I bring to my appointment? To ensure that your visit is most beneficial and that you make the most of your visit you will receive an intake form once you schedule your appointment online. These are to be completed and submitted prior to your visit. If you have not booked online please contact us to have this form emailed to you. If you are a walk- in the form will be provided for completion prior to seeing the physician.

You are also expected to take all your current or recent medications along, as well as your Blood pressure diary, Diet diary or Blood Sugar diary.

What should I expect for my first appointment? Your initial visit lasts up to 45 minutes. This allows you to give a complete picture of your medical history and the history of your current complaints. It also allows your Doctor to take the time to implement a holistic plan to obtain and maintain your health.

How often should I come in for visits? The frequency of your visits is largely dependent on your current health status, whether you have any chronic illnesses and how focused you are on ensuring that you achieve and maintain your optimum health.

Annual – recommended for patients who are generally well and are not on any medications and have had no changes in their health over the past year. At these visits your doctor will do a thorough physical examination, order your yearly labs and ensure that you are on schedule for relevant preventative screening programs.

Six Monthly – recommended for patients who are on maintenance medications and have been found to be stable.  At these visits your doctor will refill your prescriptions and ensure the medications are still effective as well as assess for any possible development of side effects.

As needed – recommended for patients who have a new problem. You will likely receive a close follow-up of 1-2 weeks and thereafter monthly and then 3 monthly until you are able to do six monthly visits.

This is only a guide. Your doctor will design a schedule just for you!

How do I reschedule my appointment? To reschedule your appointment please call our office at 876-967-2823 or 876948-4607. It is best to do so at least 24 hours before your scheduled visit.

How do I cancel my appointment? To cancel your appointment please call our office at 876-967-2823 or 876948-4607. We ask that you do so at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.

How do we review labs?  You have to come in for a follow-up visit to review your labs. We ask you to come in whether or not your results are normal. You will be charged for a follow-up visit which is a discounted cost. Your doctor will explain your result and how it affects your overall health, as well as write any prescription which may become necessary or order any further test which may be indicated. Your treatment plan may also be modified based on the results of your labs.

How do I get prescription refills?  You can only have your prescription refilled if you have come in for a visit within the past year. This will be considered a follow-up visit.  At this visit the doctor will assess the effectiveness of your medication and whether any possible side effects have developed. Your treatment plan will be reassessed and your medication regime will be re-evaluated. This process is important and so we ask that you respect it. Please ensure that you come in before your prescription runs out.

What happens if I miss my appointment without notification? This will be disappointing. Your doctor would have been looking forward to meeting with you. It is also takes up a slot which could have been given to another patient.  We therefore ask that you give us 24 hours notice if you have to miss you appointment, but we do understand if this was unavoidable.

Do you do Driver’s license physicals, work & school physicals and other forms? Yes we do. This usually requires more time and therefore will cost more than a regular visit. The cost is dependent on the type of physical. Please call us to inquire about the specific physical you need to do. You may also be required to do labs and other tests in order to complete the form.

How do I get a referral? Our doctor only refers patients who have been personally examined. Therefore you will need to schedule a visit if you need a referral. The doctor will then make an assessment and refer only if needed.

What is holistic health care? This is a mind, body and spirit approach to your health. It is based on the complexity of a human being and how one area will inevitably affect the other. Therefore, in order to ensure a patient can achieve optimum health,   they must address all facets of their well-being. Our doctor uses this approach to all patients and will implement a health program that considers all areas.

Can I have more than one doctor? Yes you can. However, it is best for you to have one General Practitioner who can coordinate you care with other specialists to ensure that your medical care is cohesive and that there is continuity.

What if I have a medical emergency or need urgent medical attention?  

If you have a medical emergency please immediately obtain professional medical care at the closest Emergency Department.

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