Mr. Everard Powell

Mr. Everard Powell,

“Well ever since years now, every time I do a pressure check they always tell me that the pressure is high. I went to the states and they said to me that if I was living there they would admit me in the hospital and the lady said,“Make sure when you go back to Jamaica go to the doctor.” But I didn’t go to the doctor I keep taking garlic and those things. But one day I came in [to JAXIN] and I said I wanted to do an eye test and when they checked the blood pressure they said it was high. They said there is a doctor here so why not check the pressure instead of the eye test and that’s when I decide to do the pressure test, if not maybe I would still be walking around and not doing the test. But because it was so convenient I said let me do it. I found out that the pressure was well, well high. But I knew it was high, it wasn’t a surprise because you know after awhile you know the pressure is high because of how you feel sometimes; headaches sometimes and that type of thing. So coming now and getting the prescription first trial month there wasn’t any improvement, it was still high, but the doctor said I was to come back and she increased the dose. It was still the same but the third time now the doctor said she wanted me to try a different medication which is a combination and I tried that and it really worked. You could see a lot of improvement, so I continued it another two weeks and there was even more improvement. Dr. Lee wants it to go down some more so I will continue the medication another three months I will come back to see her again. There is confidence coming here, you never feel nervous, I feel relaxed, I really feel contented and said I’m going to do the test now I feel a lot better as I’ll just continue on the medication and do what she said to do, like cut down on the red meat, milk, cheese and salt and do more exercise and live a more healthy life style so I know it will cut down even more.”

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